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Joe's Garage Dec 2014

“On November 20, 2014 a horrendous accident occurred at Joes Garage Inc, causing extensive damage of the facility and vehicles. Joes Garage Inc is closed until we can get everything sorted out with the loss.

Joey and family (hogs too!) survived but lost almost everything. A few vehicles survived but everything he had built over the last 15 years was destroyed by fire and smoke. Compounding the severity is the fact that not only was it just the repair shop (Joes Garage Inc) but also Sagebrush Property Management, Rube Mountain Farm, Bootleg BBQ, Appalachian Frucking Delicious, and Joe’s own home that had partial or total losses.

We have worked to get customers settled for losses, once we get building losses straight it is on to reconciling inventory and tool losses. after that they will make decisions on when and where they will rebuild. Floyd has been great to the family and business, pouring out support that is unequaled anywhere in the world. Joe and his family wish to thank everyone sincerely for all the help so far, and pledges to get back operational as soon as possible.

Thanks for all your support, we will be making an announcements on timelines when we know more details.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for repair work, we suggest Harveys Chrysler Dodge Jeep or Nichols Brothers for repairs. They will work with you in getting your vehicle repaired quickly and at an affordable rate.

Thanks again!”